Areas of application

Our product portfolio offers individual modules and turnkey solutions for sound insulation, technical acoustics and room acoustics. All products are made with high-quality, Oeko-Tex 100-certified acoustic foams.

Sound absorbers and insulating materials made of pyramid foams are suitable for a variety of applications:

Noise reduction for room acoustics

  • Offices, call centres, exhibition stand construction
  • Discos, party rooms
  • Vocal booths, music rehearsal rooms, music studios, rehearsal rooms
  • Loudspeakers, hi-fi studios, sound studios
  • All kinds of sound reductions
  • Footfall sound absorption
  • Scientific and medical facilities
  • Living-rooms, hobby room, playrooms

As sound absorbers in technical acoustics

  • Containers, garages, workshops
  • Vehicles, construction machines
  • Cooling units
  • Machines, engines
  • PC casings, PC cupboards
  • Switchboards, air conditioning systems
  • Server rooms, computer centres
  • Speed boats, yachts, large ships
  • Heat pumps, swimming pool pumps


Pyramids and other acoustic foams are made of a highly effective sound-absorbing material which is characterized by an optimised flow resistance. Thanks to their structured surface, our sound protection and sound reduction products combine excellent sound absorption with an attractive appearance.

Our products ensure broad-band sound absorption across a wide frequency range ("porous absorber").  

Our acoustic foam is available in convoluted and pyramid form and as bass absorbers / sound absorbers. In addition to acoustic properties for effective insulation and dampening, our products are also exceptionally robust, dirt-resistant and in some cases washable.

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