Profiled foam

Acoustic foams can soften or absorb sound and thereby influence the acoustics of a room. Acoustic foams are so-called porous absorbers. Porous absorbers include all porous and fibrous materials such as foams, textiles, carpets and special acoustic plaster.

These absorbers cause the movement of air particles (= noise) to be slowed down by the structure of the material, through friction, and transform this into thermal energy.

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Convoluted foam 102

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Product information

- Convolution thickness: 10/10 mm (total thickness 20 mm)
- Density 25 kg/m³
- Hardness 4.0
- Colour charcoal
- Oeko-Tex standard 100
- LGA tested for harmful substances

Areas of application:
· As padding for tool and instrument cases, weapon cases, anglers' bags, sound insulation mats
· For loudspeaker boxes
· To dampen or absorb sound in band rehearsal rooms, music/sound studios, etc.
· Computer modding to make your computer quieter
· To package electronic componentry, boards, etc.

*  FSE products comply with the requirements of fire protection classifications according to MVSS302. Colour: charcoal grey.
**  B1 products comply with the requirements of fire protection classification 1 according to DIN 4102. Colour: white.